Synthesizer news: Monique version 1.1 is now out.

Monique now comes with an arpeggiator, besides the existing sequencer mode. Moreover, we’ve dropped the price for our synthesizer to $49/€39 from the original $99 price.

Shows the user interface of the VST sofware synthesizer MoniqueAll the changes in overview:

  • added new sound patches (take a look on bank B)
  • improved key down handling
  • added velocity sensitivity for the main envelope
  • added mono playback
  • added arpeggiator mode.

Try out one of the best software synthesizer released in 2016 and download a free synthesizer demo.

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Thomas Arndt

Thomas Arndt

Thomas had his first contact with music tools some time in the 90’s, with ProTracker on its Amiga 500 with a 512kb memory extension! At the same time, he tried to develop his first game with an old basic dialect, but it took him a few more decades to become a real C++ programmer. Since 2010, he has been developing his own music tools, and video tutorials. Some of his friends say he's an alien, because he uses cables as room decoration, and talks about mystic things like vocoders or synthesizers. It just doesn’t compute with him that someone wouldn’t be fascinated, by something so essential as a sequencer or synthesizer.

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