Updated: Monique the Bass Synth to Version 1.0.2.

It took a while, but here it is: Monique 1.0.2 has a better demo mode and you can test all the features of the pro version now. Only one limitation is left – there is a periodical returning noise and this is not a malfunction. :-)

Another important fix: the arpeggiator and LFOs didn’t work if the DAW transport was not enabled. Now the Monique synth plugin works perfectly well if your DAW is “sleeping”.

But that’s not all. Version 1.0.2 adds a 32-bit AU beside the 64-bit AU plugin. A few bugs have been fixed and some things improved:

  • improved: increased the help popup time from 1 to 3 secs
  • removed: arpeggiator auto restart
  • fixed: delay panorama left-right was inverted

For our French and Spanish friends, we have added French and Spanish translations to the website. And for my own people, I took a look in my own dictionary and added a German translation as well ;-). At the moment, we’re working on a French user manual for our synth and after that it will be time to start on the Spanish translation.

Haven’t tested Monique yet? Download your free synthesizer demo version and try it out indefinitely.

What else?

Additionally, I’d like to mention that the Monique licence comes with free lifetime support, like the B-Step Sequencer licence. And if you buy both products together, you will save 20 bucks.


Have you already watched the Monique Morphing Tutorial Video?

Check out the complete video tutorial series: “How This Synthesizer Work”.

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Thomas Arndt

Thomas Arndt

Thomas had his first contact with music tools some time in the 90’s, with ProTracker on its Amiga 500 with a 512kb memory extension! At the same time, he tried to develop his first game with an old basic dialect, but it took him a few more decades to become a real C++ programmer. Since 2010, he has been developing his own music tools, and video tutorials. Some of his friends say he's an alien, because he uses cables as room decoration, and talks about mystic things like vocoders or synthesizers. It just doesn’t compute with him that someone wouldn’t be fascinated, by something so essential as a sequencer or synthesizer.

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