Unable to send request for new download link

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Unable to send request for new download link

Post by andy3252 » 13 Oct 2018, 16:30

Hi all

I have always kept a back-up of my B-Step installation files until the HDD it was on failed. I have lost the installer so searched the Monoplugs site as the old link I had was no longer available and found the request download link web page. On entering email associated with my original order for B-Step and answering the math question, on submitting it failed with an enable javascript error. It did this with every browser, Edge, Chrome, Opera and Firefox, all of which have javascript enabled. Additionally the support link did the same so I turn to you guys in the forum. If anyone can ask support to send me a new download link for B-Step I would greatly appreciate it. Though I am using B-Step currently, if I have to re-install it or Windows 10 (have had to a couple of times) I will have no way of re-installing B-Step.

Many Thanks


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