Updates planned?

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Updates planned?

Post by ErBen » 15 Mar 2018, 17:14

Hi all,
I'm considering buying B-Step (mainly because of Linux support) and I'm happy with the lifetime updates, but it seems that the latest release is from 2015...
Is this software till supported?


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Re: Updates planned?

Post by monotomy » 19 Apr 2018, 08:18

Hi ErBen,

Yes it is. But my time is very limited.
I'm currently working on Monique 1.2. and then I like to go on with B-Step.


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Re: Updates planned?

Post by Morphzeus » 25 Sep 2018, 11:16

Hi Tommy.
It‘s now really time for a update, the app „B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro“ does not work any longer under the new iOS version 12!
The app starts, but closes immediately again by itself.
Reinstallation does not help solve this problem!
I use a iPad Air 2 (model MH182FD/A), and the new iOS 12.0 (no jailbreak).

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