AKAI APC-20 Ableton Live Template for B-Step

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AKAI APC-20 Ableton Live Template for B-Step

Post by Monoman » 24 Feb 2015, 02:22

This template for Ableton 9 allows you to use B-Step to trigger 4 different midi channels, plus 4 audio tracks (audio not supplied - just drag some files from your browser). You might also need to change some of the VSTs if you don't have the same ones here.


As B-Step does not take up a track on the APC-20 by itself, you can use all 8 faders and channels on there as you would a normal mixer/controller kind of setup, then just forget it's even there. You can mute and solo from the APC-20 any of the 8 tracks, and have up to 20 Audio samples to trigger before you have to mess about with changing about and moving left/right/up/down. Basic put powerful. Especially if you use one of the midi channels on B-Step to trigger drum pattern changes in one of your drum machines (See included alternative template). You can do a lot with this template if you use your imagination. It would also be a good starting point for a basic but solid live set if you were playing out somewhere.


Should work with Ableton Live 9.0.5 Standard and above.

APC-20-4-MIDI-4-AUDIO-B-STEP-template Project.rar
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This template triggers FXpansion Tremor and its internal patterns for added variation:
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Re: AKAI APC-20 Ableton Live Template for B-Step

Post by SuperJewProductions » 01 Mar 2015, 13:01

Just what I needed! Thanks!

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