Windows MIDI IN: connect ports to b-step (VST)

How to make a Novation Launchad MIDI connection to this sequencer. How to LoopBe1 - a virtual MIDI driver for Windows and Mac OS X virtual MIDI.
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Windows MIDI IN: connect ports to b-step (VST)

Post by monotomy » 25 Mar 2014, 21:22

After an interesting correspondence with a b-step sequencer user -> a short how to connect the e.g. MIDI OUT from Launchpad to b-step's "Launchpad MIDI IN".

Problem on Windows:
If you like to open a MIDI IN port from b-step settings (b-step should listen to this port) (e.g. to connect a Launchpad to b-step without many routings in your DAW) you will mostly have the problem, that your DAW still “owns” this port and you can not open it multiple times.

There are at least two ways to solve this problem:
If you are know how to setup you DAW: simply -> don't use the port to which b-step should listen.

Way two.
Use the free virtual MIDI driver LoopBE1 from Install the software and start it. This tool will create a virtual MIDI port and you can e.g. connect b-steps "Lauchpad MIDI IN" to this port.
After that you have to connect the loopBE1 port to your hardware port (e.g. Launchpad OUT). For this task you can use the free Soundigy MIDI Patchbay or the Soundigy Midi Patchbay Extended (the same but bigger :-) ).

That's it.

Please let me know if there is a more simple way or something is wrong in my how to!


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