MIDI Playback problem in Ableton 8

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MIDI Playback problem in Ableton 8

Post by Monoman » 11 Dec 2014, 23:34

I was working on a template for recording midi and audio into Ableton 8 and 9, when I noticed that there was a problem with the MIDI playback in 8. There are hanging notes for some reason. It's really annoying. This problem does not happen in Ableton 9. The timing in 9 is absolutely rock solid.

I have included screenshots of my midi setups in preferences for 8 and 9. I tried changing a few things about in 8 but the problem is consistent.

I've included the template file for you to look at. For an idea of how out of whack the midi is in 8, press the overdub record scene and watch as it overwrites it differently every time. Do the same thing in 9 (you have to press the session record button at the top in 9[the 'o']). And you will see the midi is just spot on every time. This is a good way to visualise how solid the midi is actually being recorded. I've included some basic instructions in the files themsves (not sure how familiar you are with Ableton).

I was going to include this template in the howto part, but I just wanted to find out what was wrong first. It's just a simple song setup with the routing set so you can record both audio and midi from B-Step - handy if you are unfamiliar with Ableton.
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