iPad app not available in U.S.?

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iPad app not available in U.S.?

Post by groover » 07 Oct 2014, 17:16

I notice that the B-Step Seq- MIDI Studio Lite is available in the iOS App Store, but the full version is not. Why is that? Can you correct this before you release version 2?

Will version 2 be available in the U.S.? Will it still be the current $11.99 price? Thanks!

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Re: iPad app not available in U.S.?

Post by monotomy » 07 Oct 2014, 18:42

Hi Groover,

Thanks for your info. But the full version should be available - not sure whats going wrong!?!
US is not excluded - B-Step is available Worldwide.

What happens if you follow this link: >>> http://itunes.apple.com/app/id854779961 ???

B-Step 2's price will be more than $11,99 - it's a special offer until 23th of october.

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