Bar loops

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Bar loops

Post by BadTicket » 19 Dec 2015, 15:05


I would like to make a loop with my bars, but don't find a solution for that. An easy example:
Bar 1: Plays a empty bar
Bar 2: Plays the first melody
Bar 3: Plays the second melody
I would now play first Bar 1, and then the system should plays Bar 2 and Bar 3 and loops these for the rest of the time (1 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 3 and so on). Or even some times and runs then to bar 4.

Is that possible?

THX and Heavenicetrip! Fe/2

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Re: Bar loops

Post by monotomy » 21 Dec 2015, 13:48

Hi BadTicket,

:?: no, a song mode is not implemented yet.

:idea: But you can do it by MIDI tricks.
:!: MIDI tricks are a not easy to setup, but very very powerful. The only thing you have to know: you can use B-Step to control itself via MIDI - the rest is creativity.

:arrow: Lets be creative, let us solve your problem.

Concept: we use a MIDI CC to turn on "bar solo" on all the bars we like to have in the chain after bar 1 is over.
see: ... s/bar-solo

Concept2: we use a MIDI CC to turn on "bar skip" on bar 1 after bar one is over.
see: ... r-playback

How to (we use concept2, its more easy to setup):
1. Connect the second output of B-Step to the MIDI LEARN input of B-Step.
see: ... midi-learn

2. Train the "bar skip" of bar 1 to the last MIDI CC step of bar 1 in the MIDI learn mode: 1:1 mode (see ... midi-learn)

Here a quick and dirty video (no sound).


Note: you can also use the CC's to control other CC's. But be careful, do not setup endless loops!!!

Does this help?
Any questions?

NOTE: a song mode will come with B-Step 3.

EDIT: for complexer setups like concept one you can use MIDI learn mode 1:n or n:1.
See: ... midi-learn

In a bit I'll provide more stuff about MIDI tricks.

If you are on Windows and like to setup MIDI tricks with the standalone you have to setup virtual ports:
On Mac you can check out this:

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Re: Bar loops

Post by BadTicket » 03 Jan 2016, 13:07

Hi together

So, finale I find the time to check the ideas you send me. Concept2 is really cool and shows what else could be possible with these "tricks". But at the end, it would be cool if B-step get a "song mode" like the DM1 drum computer. That would be a really easy and cool solution!

THX and Heavenicetrip! Fe/2

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