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Drum Sequencing enhancements

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 23:30
by Monoman
Sorry if I got it wrong again, but I played about a bit with the Drum setup in the Chord Editor.

It's excellent, but I am having trouble 'fine tuning' the transposing on the octave shifts and general tuning to access specific drum sounds.

The great thing is that B-Step names in the left upper hand pane, but I would like some kind of individual chromatic tuning for each sequence step, so that no matter what drum machine you were using, you could quickly and easily select which ever drum sound on whichever sequence row.

Does that make sense? It is jumping in octaves and the drum sounds inbetween are getting lost.

Not sure how doable this is, but maybe you understand what I am trying to do. Different drum machines have different mappings and a chromatic adjust function would make them more easily accessable. Of course this kind of goes against the 'always in tune' ethos of B-Step, but it would certainly make sense to have this on a dedicated drum sequencer page.

Four lanes of sequences is more than powerful enough to get a good groove going, and this is a lot of fun, but some drum sounds are hard to 'find'.

I hope I explained that ok. This is a brilliant feature nonetheless. And with a little improvement could be a really powerful feature. Perhaps there is some other way to do it that I miss. I did play about a bit but it's the first time I use this page and stumbled across the Drum thing by mistake.

Re: Drum Sequencing enhancements

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 23:35
by Monoman
OK. I'm an idiot. I found out how to do this, straight after posting.

I messed about with this feature earlier, but it didn't work in the drum machine I tried, but when I tried it with a different drum machine it worked.

I get it now, in theory.

I will post a little tutorial how to use this with some screenshots later on.

Very powerful feature.

I'm just going to test with different drum machines to see which ones work and which ones don't.

Forget I said anything.

Re: Drum Sequencing enhancements

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 23:45
by Monoman
I tell another lie. It does work with the other drum machines. Doh.

In the process of making presets for the drums in the Chord Editor and in the normal presets.

I Propose a naming convention in the INFO field:
For 1 kick, 2 snares, 1 hat.

For 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 hats.

That kind of thing. Oh, and name of drum machine it maps to as well, in this case Drumazon and Tromine GT (pretty standard mappings)

Oh well, at least this thread will be a good reminder of what I need to do:

Make presets.
Make tutorial.
Make screenshots.
Make video.

No idea why it didn't work earlier, maybe that other problem I had.

At least I have a template now that I can work from, that makes senses to me.

This is just an incredibly powerful feature. Love it!

Re: Drum Sequencing enhancements

Posted: 12 Feb 2015, 00:24
by Monoman
I'm making up a load of presets just for Drum Grooves.

They will have standard mapping so so far work with all the XoX clones, with some minor exceptions ( I have like 30 drum machines ! )

Concentrating on doing mainly -

Kick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Snare xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Perc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Instant Beat and works for most drum machines around.

I'll make a list of drum machines it works with:


The odd note is off, say with ADM, but the Kicks and Snares are always there, so no big deal.

It would be possible to make EXACT templates and mappings, but time... time.. time....

For now, I just make a list here of machines that work pretty much out of the box. It can be refined later.
All people need to do is fire up B-Step, load their favourite drum machine and then select a preset in B - Instant Drum Groove.

Re: Drum Sequencing enhancements

Posted: 12 Feb 2015, 00:33
by Monoman
OK. Making up specific kits and templates for certain drum machines.

Just did ADM:

More to follow.

Re: Drum Sequencing enhancements

Posted: 12 Feb 2015, 00:38
by Monoman
So, you might be limited by just having 4 'tracks' but the ability to chain 16 bars so simply and quickly has got to go in B-Step's favour here. I don't have any drum software that can do that so quickly and elegantly!



Maybe we can use this thread after all for any other ideas for Drum Enhancements others might have?