Launchpad UI ideas

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Launchpad UI ideas

Post by borfo » 01 Mar 2014, 05:06

The launchpad interface is really great to use, and makes B-Step really unigue and useable in a live setting. Here are a couple of ideas that I think would make the launchpad UI easier to use:

There are "bar settings" (eg: Bar Chord, Bar Repeats, bar octave, bar chain/mute)

There are "master settings" (eg: Chord set, Master Octave, Master Tune, clock multiplier)

And there are "Step Settings" (eg: velocity, duration)

...Now, these settings are set in different places on the launchpad (side and top buttons for master settings, bar and step settings are mixed up with each other on the main page and on the settings page. This is not too confusing, but it could be easier and more intuitive.

I think the UI should have a "master settings page", a "step settings page", and a "bar settings page."

Press and hold one of the "bar buttons" (the bottom row of square buttons) to activate the bar settings page - button 1 shows settings for bar 1, button 2=bar 2, etc. While you hold the bar button, all of the seven horizontal rows of square buttons above can be used to select settings. Each horizontal row gives you 8 possible settings. So, for example, if the top row of square buttons is the "Bar Octave" setting, you could just press one of the buttons in that row to directly choose an octave. Currently, you have to increment and decrement through the octaves, and the octaves are indicated by the colors of the bar octave buttons. It would be much easier to use if the octave was indicated by which of the 8 buttons was lit, and it would be easier to choose a specific octave by just pressing one of the 8 buttons while you are holding down the "bar button". When you release the bar button, the launchpad exits "bar settings" mode, and goes back to the step view.

To enter "Step Settings Mode", press and hold one of the top row buttons (where the red current step indicator is now). Now the 7 horizontal rows below can be used to set step settings for the steps in that column, eg: duration and velocity.

To enter "Master Settings Mode", press and hold one of the round side buttons (maybe the bottom one), then all 8 horizontal rows of square buttons could be used to set master settings.

There could also be a "String settings" page, where you could set the octave for each string, as well as any other string settings that might be added to b-step later.

When you hold down one of the buttons that activates a settings mode, the launchpad would light up to show you what the current settings are. This would be a lot easier to understand than trying to remember what "red LED/yellow LED" means.

This would (1) free up a lot of the top and side buttons for other uses. You could add more settings pages or different sequencer views later on as you add features, activated by holding other side round buttons; (2) would free up two rows of buttons on the main screen for other uses (you could add two more strings to B-Step); (3) would make it easier to visually see the settings, and make it easier to activate a specific setting; and (4) would be more intuitive and easier to use.

Also, there will be a lot of extra unused rows in the settings pages. This leaves room to add features later.

...and since you could easily choose the bar chord from the bar settings page, you wouldn't need to take up two rows on the main screen for the bar chord buttons. You could add two more strings to B-Step - make it 6 strings, and give the user a lot more options for notes to play.

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