Multitrack / Multiple parts

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Multitrack / Multiple parts

Post by borfo » 01 Mar 2014, 05:01

This is copied out of PMs to Monotomy, at his request, so it can be publicly discussed. I'm leaving out all the parts where I'm raving about what a great little sequencer this is, so forgive me if I sound a little needy or whatever here. This is the first of a series of feature ideas:

One feature that would make it a better sequencer would be multitracking - being able to have multiple parts running at the same time, possibly sending to different synths. The parts could all share the bar chord and bar repeat settings, so when you switch bars on one part, the bar switches on all the parts, and all the parts stay in sync and on the same chord. (or even better, you could select a different chord set for each part, but the bar chord setting would stay in sync between parts - so if the bar chord was set to "1", each part would use chord 1 from the chord set selected for that part - that would let you set up different instruments to use tunings that work together, but aren't necessarily the same...)

...and maybe you could select a different chord set for each of the parts, so you could make two master chord sets where chord1/Cset1 sounds good with chord1/Cset2, C2/Cset1 sounds good with C1/Cset2, etc. ...and then when you set the bar chord rotary to position 1, the parts could have different tunings (eg: C1/Cset1 and C1/Cset2), but they'd sound good together. Then when you change the bar chord setting, that would make all the parts change chords, even if they're using different chord sets.

These parts would be sort of like cythar's parallel patterns, except that the bar repeats and bar chord settings could be shared by all the parts, so that they easily stay in sync and in key.

B-Step could have two multitracking control options - "sync bar repeats" and "sync bar chords".

If "sync bar repeats" was enabled, all parts would share the same bar repeat setting. If it was disabled, each part could have different bar repeat settings.

If "sync bar chords" was enabled, all parts would share the same bar chord setting. If disabled, each part could have different bar chord settings.

you could use the top row of launchpad buttons (where the red current step indicator is) to switch between parts - clicking on one of the top row buttons change the launchpad view to show and edit the steps enabled in the part corresponding to the button you pressed. There don't need to be 16 parts, but if it doesn't affect performance, why not, I guess.

It should be possible to direct each part to a different midi channel or output.

We'd need some way to mute and unmute parts as well, or maybe even to mix volumes of parts.

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Re: Multitrack / Multiple parts

Post by monotomy » 07 Mar 2014, 07:52

Borfo thanks for this request and you detailed description. Will be added in a future version.
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