Permanent start/restart positions

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Permanent start/restart positions

Post by Sikdrumz » 06 Mar 2018, 13:24

Just wanted to say I’m so glad to be able to post this at last!

Would it be possible to set permanent start/restart markers in the S2 layer?

I find it very frustrating that you cannot simply shorten the sequence in a bar without setting a Step Skip on every step you want to exclude. Step Skip cannot be done quickly on the fly, whereas a permanent Restart marker could be dropped in and out quickly.

Pattern length can be edited this way on an Arturia Beatstep, and it would be great to have the same functionality in the B-Step.

I understand that the current setup allows for multiple length bounces through the pattern, but having a single start and end point marker that can be set on the fly would also be useful.

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