Current presets included in demo as of 05/04/2016 don't impress sadly

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Current presets included in demo as of 05/04/2016 don't impress sadly

Post by blu789 » 05 May 2016, 00:27


I watched the demo and was intrigued with the morph features :roll: -- however after downloading the demo, I found the presets are not inspiring at all :cry: -- Given that it's a bass synth it's full of non-bass presets, which is fine, but I was hoping to find some really amazing bass sounds out of the box that really unique or cool, but I was disappointed.... :oops:

Anyhow, for one reason or another, I have dozens of legal, legit synths: Spire, Synthmaster, Omnisphere, Chromaphone 2, Ultra Analog VA-2, Dimension Pro, Rapture Pro, Z3ta, Fabfilter Twin, Sylenth1, Kaivo, Aalto, etc, and at least out of the box a lot of them have some really good patches that inspire people to buy the synth. I understand you buy a synth to tinker with it, but at least it should inspire someone to buy it *first* to tinker with right?

Ok, I hope you guys get this synth going at full speed soon!



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We're working on more synth presets.

Post by monotomy » 05 May 2016, 07:30

Salute Tim,

thanks for your interest.

Yes, you are right - presets are essential for the success of a synthesizer - and for your inspiration.
ATM Monique is just a few weeks old and we need just a bit of time to boil more excellent stuff for you :-)
We're working on more good, complexer and alternative presets - and I try to win some good 3rd party sound designers as well.

To keep up to date you can check out the magazine or if you like subscribe to the newsletter.

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