Monoplugs Sequencer


An alternative to tracker and piano roll sequencers.

Since 2010 monoplugs has been researching new sequencer paradigms, trying for a better workflow than with a piano roll or tracker based sequencer. We’ve been trying to make sequencers more “musical”, while keeping it all easy enough for live performances and useable with touchscreens.

B-Step Sequencer - VST, Audio Unit and Standalone.


The fast and easy way to design your melodies, also live.

B-Step is a professional bass guitar oriented multi track step sequencer. Designed for improvisation and live use. You program your melodies live, in a few seconds and you can’t hit a wrong note.

The sequencer comes with native support for one or two Novation launchpads (without automap), also has native support for GNU/Linux! Mouse control is easy, but if you have a touchscreen using B-Step is even easier!

B-Step is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPad, Android and Raspbery Pi.

Coming Soon: The groovy Rhythm and Speed Trainer.


Don’t play your instrument just like a machine! Learn speed changes, different measurements, time signatures paradiddles…

Metronom comes with a very clean user interface. You’ll need a few seconds to set it up - it’s easy!

It’s from Monoplugs, that’s not all! You can sync a sequencer or a DAW like Logic, Live or Cubase with Metronom to play a percussion pattern or a songs with speed changes in the background!

Metronom you can use everywhere - on your iPad, iPhone, Android Phone/Tablet, Mac, Linux & Windows.