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Monqiue Bass Synthesizer Plugin

Monique - Synth standalone software synthesizer audio unit or logic compatible synthesizer plugin vst3 compatible synthesizer plugin vst compatible synthesizer plugin

The unique Bass and Lead Synthesizer Plugin

A synthesizer plugin designed to create aggressive bass & lead sounds. Available is this synth as VST, VST3, AU, and Standalone for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

Demo Version: Free
Pro Version: $49

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B-Step Sequencer

B-Step Sequencer a sequencer for android a sequencer for ios ipad standalone software sequencer audio unit or logic compatible sequencer plugin vst compatible sequencer plugin

The sequencer for basslines, arpeggios, and drum patterns

The harmonic music step sequencer to create melodies, arpeggios, drumsets, and basslines on the fly. Available is this sequencer as VST, AU, and Standalone for Windows, Mac, Linux - iPad & Android

Demo Version: Free
Pro Version: $49

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Monoplugs Metronom - a free metronome

Metronom the Metronome (free) a metronome for ios

Our little, free and clean present for you - ad free!

Monoplugs metronome can do more than a simple tick-tack. It’s practically a small sequencer that you can sync to your other music apps via MIDI clock.
Download it, turn on your drum machine, sync it to Metronom, take out your favorite instrument and have fun!

Pro Version: Free
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