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An alternative to tracker and piano roll sequencers.

Since 2010 monoplugs has been researching new sequencer paradigms, trying for a better workflow than with a piano roll or tracker based sequencer. We've been trying to make sequencers more "musical", while keeping it all easy enough for live performances and useable with touchscreens.

So far, we have released two sequencers for the three main operating systems Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac. Cythar Sequncer is an open source standalone sequencer inspired by the strings of a guitar, and b-step is a sequencer vst plugin inspired by the bass guitar.

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B-Step Sequencer - VST, AudioUnit and Standalone.

The fast and easy way to design your melodies, also live.

B-Step is a professional bass guitar oriented multi track step sequencer. Designed for improvisation and live use. You program your melodies live, in a few seconds and you can't hit a wrong note.

The sequencer comes with native support for one or two Novation launchpads (without automap), also has native support for GNU/Linux! Mouse control is easy, but if you have a touchscreen using B-Step is even easier!

B-Step is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPad, Android and Raspbery Pi.

Cythar Sequencer Software Box

Cythar Sequencer - Standalone.

96 crazy oscillating strings.

A experimental, pattern-oriented, polyphonic MIDI step-sequencer. 16 parallel patterns with six tracks and 16 bars – equating to 256 bars & 96 tracks. The six pattern tracks imitate the strings of a guitar and will be tuned e.g. to "EAdgbe". With some clicks you can set a guitar chord to the pattern tune – then by enabling a few events or triggers the sequencer will start a solo or plays with the chords. More offset-, mute functions and a tricky song mode will pep-up your set. With CYTHAR you can program drum sets, melodies, arpeggios and complete songs. If this is not enough try out B-Step Sequencer!

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